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Pancar G56 - 235mm V-Link - Gear Differential


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Pancar G56 - 235mm V-Link - Gear Differential

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  • Pancar G56 - 235mm V-Link - Gear Differential

    Long wheel base - 275mm

    We are extremely pleased to present to you our newest G56 Pancar Platform.

    Why we call it “platform”?

    Pancar classes are raced under very different rules, different motors, different batteries, different tracks: 
    From 13.5- 1S to 4.5-2S
    From tight indoor tracks to open 1/8 IC outdoor tracks
    From 200mm to 235mm.

    For this reason we’ve developed a car platform that can be easily switched from one class to another.

    G56 is offered in 2 widths: 200mm and 235mm, with pivot or V-link (aka quad-link) rear suspension.

    Main difference between pivot and V-link, beside the rear suspension, is the wheelbase: pivot is 256mm while V-link is 275mm.

    As a default, V-link can use both: long touring stick lipo batteries or shorty (cross or longitudinal), while pivot can use shorty lipos only, cross or longitudinal.

    As both cars share as many components as possible, you can always switch the main chassis between pivot and V-link, thus being able to get a LWB pivot or a SWB V-link.

    In all the versions, the front end relies on 2.5mm carbon fibre lower arms, and a 2.5mm upper beam, to avoid any possible flexion in the front end.

    Also, it is possible to tune the rigidity of the lower arms.

    Of course, both versions can be obtained with our purpose developed sphere diff, or with our unsurpassed gear diff.

    Both differential rely on titanium rear axles for the best reliability

    Kimbrough servo saver included as default

    Pancar G56 - 235mm V-Link - Gear Differential

    Roll Center geometry

    Roll Center

    Unsurpassed Fenix Gear Diff included

    Fenix Gear Diff

    Front suspension detail

    200mm G56 Pancar - pivot suspension - Sphere differential

    Electronic not included

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