New Mistral 2017 - 2mm 7075-T6 aluminium chassis View larger

Mistral 2017 - 2mm 7075-T6 aluminium chassis


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Mistral 2017 - 2mm 7075-T6 aluminium chassis

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  • Mistral 2017 - 2mm 7075-T6 aluminium chassis

    Mistral 2017 - 2.5 carbon fibre chassis

    Fenix  Mistral 2017 - 2mm 7075-T6 aluminium chassis

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    Black Mistral 2017...

    Fenix Racing is delighted to present the natural evolution of Mistral: Mistral 2017

    This evolution has been developed by Fenix drivers in a multitude of tests and International races, such as:
    ETS (multiple time A finalist), SRCCA Championship (winner), IDFM (A finalist), Euro EFRA F1 (A finalist), EFM (A finalist)

    Mistral 2017 represent an important departure from the “Black” version, sporting the new imperial Fenix Sphere diff which incorporate a lot of premium features such as:
    - 1/4” Grade 5 Titanium axle
    - Triple ball bearing
    - No Axial load on the bearings
    - Thrust bearing as standard
    - No contact between ball bearing and thurst bearing
    - 16 Ceramic spheres 
    - Large support to the diff rings
    - 84 teeth 64sp spurgear CNC made
    - Triple spring disk
    - Just 38 grams


    Mistral 2017 is also featuring:
    Full titanium turnbuckles
    New front arms geometry
    Dual side damper 
    Inline/backtrail steering upright
    Longer titanium kingpin to accommodate aftermarket front springs
    Special Fenix Shock absorber with dual speed stroke

    Best of all, any existing Mistral is upgradeable to 2017 spec!

    Special Thanks, for their job to Matteo Berlincioni, Giacomo Moretti, Andi Frattaroli and Roman Pichler, for the patience shown in the tests...


    Special Fenix Shock absorber with dual speed stroke:

    Shock absorber is, from time to time, somehow underrated.... 
    It play a crucial role, especially on a F1, where a 0.1 of a second is a sum of hundredths of a second...
    We’re happy to introduce, probably, the most tuneable shock in the market.

    Beside the conventional 3 pistons with cylindrical hole (2,3,4 holes) we’re happy to supply also 3 pistons with conical holes.

    The advantage is to have a shock with different speed in compression and in extension, and believe it, it’s a super nice option when tuning the steering of your F1.
    Other features:
    Titanium nitride shaft 
    Aluminium Body
    5 springs (all in the box)
    Full rebound option
    And…Rebuild kit is also included!!!

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