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F1-70 Chassis kit - Sphere Diff


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F1-70  Chassis kit - Sphere Diff

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  • F1-70  Chassis kit - Sphere Diff

    A lot of time, at the track, people ask for an "easy" class.

    F1 - 70  Chassis kit

    Easy to handle, easy to keep and to run.

    This is the idea with F1-70.

    Old school look, 200mm wide, machined from carbon fibre, the chassis kit will make for a simple and lightweight base with the 1-piece design – that sees the rear T-bar as part of the main chassis – making for easy, limited adjustment possibilities without compromising overall performance.

    Also included in the kit come carbon fibre parts such as a shorty LiPo battery mount with O-ring retainer, a simple centre damper , and a stand-up mount for low-profile servos.

    Just dress it with the Fenix purposely made Retro F1 and enjoy the driving.

    March 761

    March 761 Body

    Lotus 78

    Lotus 78 Body

    Ferrari T4

    Ferrari T4 Body

    Gear Diff Version.

    Body and tires are not included.

    Want to see F1-70 at the track?

    Click on test drive to see how nice it handle at the track!

    Test drive

    Note: pre production unit pictured, some detail might differ from production unit.

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